Our Mission

OZZI is the leading sustainability partner for responsible organizations and institutions.

Mission Statement Bullet Points

OZZI is a revolutionary system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the food service industry by utilizing enhanced technology. OZZI is designed for college and university campus dining centers as well as all facets of business and industry, health care, hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports and entertainment venues. Wherever food and beverages are served “to-go” in paper, plastic and/or foam containers, OZZI is making a difference. It is a truly amazing system that is changing America from a disposable society into a nation that is devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

Amongst national food service management companies, many prestigious colleges and universities coast to coast have partnered with the OZZI system. From its very start, the mission of AGREENOZZI has been designed to be environmentally conscious, user friendly and 100% effective in the elimination of disposable products generated from food service operations. The success of the OZZI brand is strategic and planned for a sustainable future as evidenced by the growth in sales and popularity. The OZZI has now averted an estimated 25 million disposable containers to date.


  • The OZZI system pays for itself through a reduction in operations cost
  • Eliminates disposable products by replacing them with 100% reusable products
  • Creates a simple, cost-effective exchanges for its participants
  • Minimal staff monitoring and employee interaction necessary
  • O2GO reusable containers eliminate the cost and volume of paper and foam products often associated with food service operations, lessening the dependency on fossil fuels and reducing your carbon footprint
  • O2GO reusable containers reduce landfill waste, thus saving money on waste hauling
  • The OZZI system is the only patented process to collect and redeem reusable products
Stacked O2GO Containers

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