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Monday, April 20, 2020


“We are committed to providing our employees with a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to single-use containers.”

Guido Boers, Manager, Corporate Food Service & Amenities, Freddie Mac

North Kingstown, RI – April 20, 2020. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, OZZI is giving away $50,000 to help universities, health care organizations and businesses meet their zero-waste sustainability goals.

“We just received our largest order from a senior living center that wants to offer a more pleasing dining experience to their guests with NSF-certified, reusable meal containers,” said Tom Wright, CEO, of OZZI. “This $50,000 will help businesses who want to eliminate single-use containers and implement a closed-loop, no contact collection system where the reusable meal containers are commercially cleaned and sanitized.”

Single-use containers are not only costly, but extremely harmful to the environment. Many cities and towns are looking to ban single-use containers to reduce landfill waste, waste hauling costs and emissions. Reusable meal containers, RMCs, combined with a closed-loop collection system, eliminate the need for single-use containers.

“The OZZI reusable meal container has a ‘no contact’ collection system (seen below) and is cleaned and sanitized by our commercial dishwashers,” said Guido Boers, Manager, Corporate Food Service & Amenities, Freddie Mac. “The container offers a better transport and dining experience because it is leak proof, can be microwaved safely, and reduces our trash volume.”

In honor of Mother Earth and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, OZZI will give away $50,000 to help companies improve their take-out dining experience, implement their closed-loop collection program to meet or expand their zero-waste goals, or comply with more stringent safety goals. Click here for more information on how you can qualify (https://bit.ly/OZZIRes).

OZZI is a revolutionary system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the food service industry by utilizing enhanced technology. OZZI is designed for college and university campus dining centers as well as all facets of business and industry, health care, hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports and entertainment venues. Wherever food and beverages are served “to-go” in paper, plastic and/or foam containers, OZZI is making a difference. It is a truly amazing system that is changing America from a disposable society into a nation that is devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

OZZI Machine in Kitchen


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